Listen to yourself.


Be aware of your sensibility, try to listen to it and believe in it. The more you develop and polish your sensibility, the more you notice changes in the people around you. Face the people, be close to their hearts, bring compassion, share values and awareness and the world of imagination will expand.


Rich sensibility and deep creativity bring the joy of living, The source of the energy is wide and deep, like as the roots of a large tree were stretched all over the ground.


Music is a new life that breathes from the roots. Plants and flowers reflect the light of sun and moon, magically iridescent from rain and wind, enriching the world we live in.


Eventually, thunderstorm and melt water return to the soil, to be a blessing of nature and a new source of life.


Akane MATSUMURA, Piano

Born on March 30, 1981 in Tokushima, Japan, she began piano lessons at the age of four under the direction of Professor Toshiko Kosai. She attended "The Music High School attached to the Faculty of Music, Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music" and studied under Professor Haruo Kometani, graduating in 1999. Two years later, in 2001, she was accepted into The Juilliard School and studied under the renowned pianist professor Herbert Stessin, graduating with a Bachelor of Music in May 2006. She completed two Master degrees - Solist Diploma in 2011, Konzert Diploma in 2009, under Professor Adrian Oetiker at Hochschule für Musik, Musik-Akademie der Stadt Basel, Switzerland.

From 2011-2019, collaborated as a pianist under professor Ivan Monighetti and professor Sol Gabetta at Musik-Akademie der Stadt Basel, Gstaad Menuhin Festival, Internationale Musikakademie in Liechtenstein, Solsberg Festival, and International Competitions and Audition.

Currently, she is internationally performing as a soloist, as a chamber musician with various instrumentalists, e.g. Hotpink Quartett. Also, she studies Djembe improvisation under Pierre Favre.