Musique et Vin

I love cooking and eating, especially when I can enjoy both with wine. I'm sure you have opened the fridge to a medley of odd vegetables and wondered, what delicacy could I cook up with what I have here? There is no need for a recipe, meals composed of leftovers often end up more delicious than you could have imagined - all the better when you find the perfect accompanying wine! Cooking, selecting wines and creating music have something in common. You're free to concoct and enjoy whatever you like according to your own taste and sensitivity, without referring to recipes or music scores - every connoisseur and artist has savoured this joy. It's precisely this joy that I would like to share with my audience through this project.

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Musique et Ai 音楽と藍

Details and Events

Musique et Rire

“Listen to music while looking at the scenery from the train, listen to music while riding a bicycle…While the scenery spreading in front of me changes one after another, I indulge in fantasy with music. Fly over the mountain like a bird in the wind. Swim freely in the sea, with a swirling body like a fish. The dynamic feeling that exists in the body naturally comes out. Express this dynamic feeling directly with your own body…”

Singing and playing djembe are two wonderful ways to experience this. Pierre Favre's music is full of dynamism. His sense of dynamism is not limited to his own, but has the power to integrate the people around him. I am overwhelmed by the energy every time I play djembe next to him. What remains in me after playing with him for hours is confidence in living. I would like to share this joy with the participants in this workshop.

Details and Events